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Everything you need to start making Honiton Lace at home

Over 1000 sold worldwide !

We put these kits together ourselves and and make sure that they comprise of the best quality materials, however we can no longer supply the book "Introduction to Honiton Lace" as it is out of print. There are other Honiton Lace books available but this one is by far the easiest and most understandable as well as being the most comprehensive. The same equipment (pillows, bobbins, thread etc) as supplied in our kit is used by and recommended by The Devon Lace Teachers to their pupils. We have sold many 100's of our kits throughout the world and have seen some wonderful lace making as a result. 
The Honiton Lace Kit includes everything you will need to start this fascinating craft, and will last for many years to come.
48 Polished superb quality beechwood bobbins
13" Standard traditional barley straw pillow
Blue lint free cover material
fine & course cotton threads
Polished wood needlepin
fine small head lace pins
waxed 0.44mm pricking card
we suggest that before you order our kit you look on and buy a used copy of
"Introduction To Honiton Lace" by Susan Thompson. These are usually available for between £5 & £12 depending on condition
All the equipment supplied is enough for you to work through the book and take you to a good competent level of Honiton lace making without the need for access to a teacher or lace classes. ideal for beginner or experienced lace maker alike.
normal component price £78.20
Special offer price £70.00

By far the best (& only?) Honiton beginners lace kit on the market today

shipping UK £8.50, EU & worldwide please ask


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