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We stock a large number of antique and used bobbins for Honiton lace ranging in price from £1.00 a piece for used and second hand wood, £2.00 - £5.00 for good plain antique & £8.00 each for aqua fortis 'onion' stained. We also have many decorated antique honitons of which listed below are a number of our better Honiton bobbins with decorations, dates or initials.

we have a number of very fine quality bone Honiton bobbins dating to the 19th century. These are quite unusual and we have hardly ever seen bone Honitons before. They are a little too heavy to use as regular bobbins but would be great for the course / gimp threads. We had 35 of these and are selling them at £10.00 each
We also have a number of highly coloured midlands bobbins again dating from the 19th century. All have fairly similar turning as these shown above, and are in natural bone, jade green, red or purple as in the picture. Again we obtained about 36 each of these and are selling these at £10.00 each







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