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The Honiton Lace Shop offers a complete cleaning and restoration service for antique wedding veils. Please CLICK HERE to jump to the price list for these services.

To keep your antique veil in the best possible condition and to ensure that it will be in good order to hand on down through the generations there are some very important points to remember. In particular a wedding veil should always be stored in as clean a condition as possible. Put in simple terms, it is invisible dirt and contaminants,(white wine, greasy fingers etc.) acting together with the ultra-violet part of sunlight and oxygen that causes oxidisation of the cellulose fibres. This leads to the "antique" colour of much old lace, but worse, can result in un-repairable damage to the veil. If you like the antique colour it is better to have a clean veil that is sympathetically and safely dyed to the colour of your choice.

When you purchase an antique wedding veil, or have your veil cleaned at The Honiton Lace Shop, it will be liberally wrapped in white acid free tissue and placed in a white cardboard box. We suggest that you keep your veil this way before and after your wedding day for the following reasons

Veils should never be stored in plastic bags as these will trap in moisture leading to damage. Cardboard will allow breathing and prevent moisture build up, but as importantly will not allow the fibers to dry out either which will cause brittleness in the threads

Storage in light will cause yellowing and deterioration with time so we suggest storing your veil in the dark.

Wrapping the veil in acid free tissue will buffer the veil against harmful acids present in the air and other storage mediums. Never use coloured tissue as this could bleed dye if it became damp.

Annually remove your veil from itís wrapping and inspect for any staining or other signs of damage. If any should be found have it treated professionally as soon as possible.

If your veil gets marked in any way, especially champagne and white wine which will not show at the time, you must ensure that the veil is properly cleaned as soon as is possible. Any dirt, stains or other contaminants will cause severe discoloration and damage over long time spans such as found between family weddings.

Your veil should be attached and removed from any hair attachments such as combs or Alice bands as near to your wedding day and as soon afterwards as possible. Any tension on the threads of the net ground due to attaching stitches will cause distortion of the mesh over time which may not fall out again after removal of the head piece.

Cleaning, colouring and restoration service

The Honiton Lace Shop offers a complete aftercare package for wedding veils. It is essential for the long life and protection of the fabric that it be stored in a clean condition. Below are guide prices as to our charges, however we will always give a firm quote before any work is undertaken. If you do intend sending us your veil for cleaning or repair, please wrap it well in a stout box to protect it while in transit, we also recommend insurance cover of at least £1000 should it be lost or damaged in transit to us. Please allow a minimum of 3 - 4 weeks for us to carry out cleaning and restoration work.

If you require a colouring service, please enclose as large a swatch of fabric as possible to us to use as a reference. Colouring of veils is not an exact science and results can be unpredictable. This is due to antique threads having differing characteristics and a mix of these threads on a single veil does occur. Some respond to cleaning and dying in a different manner to others. Also the colour of a veil is very dependent on the light conditions. Sunlight makes a veil appear lighter than bulbs which give a variety of hues to a veil.

Often it is better to leave some old repairs or areas of damage well alone. A veil held out flat against a dark background will show every damaged thread, but when the veil is worn over a wedding dress of a similar colour you wouldn't see a hole the size of a football, let alone small holes or repairs. For this reason, when you see "damage" or "repairs" in our listing of veils it is not something to worry about, we are just trying to be as accurate with our description as possible.

Care & Cleaning Costs


Basic cleaning of veil

£75 - £100

Severe stain removal from veil

£95 - £150

Repair of minor holes to veil

£10 - £15 each

Repair of major damage to veil


Motif removal, replacement & attachment

£15 each

Colouring to other shades of white, ivory & cream

£35 - £65

Removal from under net (lightly tacked)

£25 - £35

Removal from under net (machine or heavy hand sewing)

£45 - £65

Fixing to comb including draw threads


Combs as held in stock

£5 - £15

P & P inc boxing & insurance (UK otherwise quote)


If you are sending us items to clean and restore from outside the UK, please mark the outside of the consignment very clearly with the wording that the items are "for temporary importation only while cleaning and restoration work is undertaken". This will hopefully avoid the need to pay importation duty and handling charges to get the items into the UK

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