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We specialise in all aspects of antique bridal veils with an emphasis on cleaning and restoration.

We can usually clean and restore antique wedding veils back to a near pristine condition including the removal of the majority of stains, and repair of holes and areas of damage.
We try to carry a small stock of fine antique veils for sale, please contact us for details of our latest listing.

We can also advise on care of your veil and how veils can be used and worn on your wedding day.

Wedding veils only really started making an appearance after about 1840, prior to this usually veils were bonnet veils, part of the costume of the well dressed lady of the day. Most veils that we see date from between 1860 and 1920 and originate from all over Northern Europe, not just Honiton. Given their age it is surprising just how well most have kept over the years to be handed down between generations and becoming family heirlooms. Being mostly cotton they are not affected by moths but do suffer discolouration and staining from historic handling, and sustain damage from snagging and poor headdress attachment. We have many years of practice in returning such veils to as near pristine condition as is possible.


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